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Playtime New York.

We are so thrilled to announce

that we are going to the best kids show in NY


It has been a hard road but

we are almost there!


We are also so excited

for the beautiful images by Flannery ‘o Kafka!

Misha Lulu is a family owned and operated kids fashion brand.
This season collection wa inspired by old Woodlands adventure,
whimsical childhood fairy tails and classic retro styles.
With their muse Bela always in mind.

Misha Lulu is proud of designing innocent and pure styles for this modern world.



have a great day!

image and styling

Jessie Kenney and Heather Rome

Cakewalk copies Misha Lulu!

I want to let everyone know that

Cakewalk has done the right thing and

paid us a fee for using our design.

They have stated that this graphic was done by a freelancer and

they didn’t know.

Also all the unsold tees will be donated to an orphanage.


Thank you everyone for your support and loyalty.



More Spring 13.

Misha Lulu is created with LOVE in

the USA.

Everytime you buy from the stores that carry Misha Lulu

helps us so much and helps the small bussinesses that purchase from us.


Find our new styles at your nearest small boutique or

internet store here

We are still a small company trying to survive.

We thank you so much for your support!

Addicted to Pinterest.

I love Pinterest and be able to collect all the images I love.

I have to restrict myself to go just for few minutes

2  times a day as an eye breaker.

Our work is so hectic and super stressful I really need to.


These are some of my favorites:


Also I wanted to let you know that I have updated the surplus store again! yes we are desperate 🙂