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Monthly Archives: April 2012


Our new website is up this weekend! We are just tweaking some things and it will be live! I feel really blessed for the collaboration of 2 great photographers, Ica and Christian, Thank you so much for the great work and for your time!   Also Special thanks to Ruby, Heather and Citlali for Styling, props and […]


Our newest obsession is Pina Baush. Wim Wenders  did a documentary about Pina and when the movie came out I wasn’t able to see it since we were busy with work. We just saw it this weekend and we were mesmerized.   If you don’t know about Pina, She was a German choreographer who passed […]


Happy Easter my friends! I hope you have a beautiful day! and to celebrate this day we are doing a giveaway over at  Cakies! Thank you Ruby!!! PLEASE SIGN UP!

Dominik Woods.

I am so excited to share about my friend Dominik  beautiful cutting boards. Dominik woods are handcrafted individually. They are made of selected pieces of walnut  and maple hand-sanded to a smooth finish. When completed each board is treated with a blend of beeswax and food-safe mineral oil. These cutting boards are just art pieces! You […]