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Monthly Archives: February 2012

indian summer goods.

I had a super sweet surprise the other day when I received a gift from Vane! Thank you! I got a package that consisted on these amazing products made by the girls from Indian Summer goods these are handcrafted and inspired on traditional processes. I am crazy about the coffee soap I got. These are […]

SALE…. and have a nice weekend!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! This weekend Kumquat in Eagle Rock will be having a sale of seconds. I will have a huge box of things there that I couldn’t ship because of errors and things. If you don’t mind little things on the garments you can find great items a low prices. Kumquat: 5054 […]

We are so happy to be featured at Babiekins Magazine and video! Thank you Heather for styling these section and Babiekins for the opportunity. The spread is amazing and I am really touched that we were featured. In a different section of the magazine curated by Andrea we were also showcased (the tank worn by […]

A divine Sunshine Award.

I received this Sunshine Award from the wonderful Flannery o ‘kafka! It made my day and made me feel so happy! Thank you so much Andrea, you are so very sweet and one of the coolest ladies I know!   When receiving the award you are asked to answer some sunshine questions and then pass […]


Bela enjoys art so much that she picked up a book about Picasso the other day at the thrift store to read for one of her reading projects from school. She did a collage of Picasso and a drawing of him. I loved the way She drew his shirt stripes…so cute!     Image of […]