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Monthly Archives: December 2010


This is a continuation of the previous post…. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Give a hug to your family and friends  and also to yourself!!!!! ••••• I am also very thankful that my mom  is able to travel and come visit. I miss all my family and friends…..I wish El Salvador would be a place I […]

It was a great Year!

I wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!!! It has been a tough year, but a great year! I am thankful for family that have been such a blessing to us, also friends , new people in our lives and the doors that have open. Sceenes from Christmas day at Grandma Chol’s house…. (Grandma Chol + […]

Santa is so nice!

Bela is super happy with her  new record player that Santa brought her. He is so nice! We have been enjoying some nice stories and well selected music. Excuse the messy gift wrapping background that I haven’t cleaned yet…. Even the Mamas has been enjoying the great music as you can tell….. Also I added […]

Cafe de Leche.

This is my favorite coffee shop in LA. Cafe de Leche is located in the artsy Highland park. Owned by our friends Matt and Anya. They serve the most delicious coffees and desserts. If you are in the area visit them and try out their yummy  Horchata chai tee. I love their big comfy space. […]

Some Christmas highlights!

We had a nice Christmas! Bela was blessed by all our friends and family! These are some images of our holiday decor. Tree made by my mom. She used coupons and penny savers. It amazes me her creativity. I got a say Joe and I really love vintage or hand made decorations. I venture myself […]