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Monthly Archives: November 2010

have a great weekend!

Working this weekend! Please pray for us! We need enlightenment, break troughs, favor and concentration! WE WILL BE RESTING AT NIGHT FOR SURE!!!!

Things I like this week….

Moose Mug. Micro-car. Enquanto o Meu Cabelo Crescia. Kids shoes. Finding an old favorite Sesame Street video clip…

Great Toys for great prices!

Mini Social is having a 12 Days of  Toys Sale! I love well designed toys at great Prices! New Toys added everyday! They have one of Bela’s favorite Christmas book!


Just saying Hi today! Very busy, need prayer so I can get my work done…please! A sceene from the life of the 3 Lovely Sisters! Bela’s favorite dolls! Have a great day!

What I loved this week!

Ward Kimball’s Mobil ad from the 60’s and his personal cute look. 70’s crochet little bag and  60’s dress from Bella Vintage. Bjork wearing one of my favorite and original Spanish brands La Casita de Wendy.