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Monthly Archives: August 2010

have a FABULOSO fin de semana!

We will be busy…having fun mixed with some work, parties to go and please don’t forget to pray for the Chile Miners.

Adam Howling.

Great Illustrator fro the UK. His work is Super! Unwanted Gift….

Dear Creatures….

This is one of my favorite brands. I would love to wear it everyday! I have forgotten how retro and beautiful their designs are. They used suitcases on their photoshoot also… (We used them too in one of our new little photoshoot stories) I think this must be something people are into right now, I […]

someone’s suggestion…..

Some little bird suggested for me to post photos of what I wear… I feel weird doing it but I will do it every once in a while …I don’t want to bore you with it + I will also tag random images that inspired me that day…

Playing with Bela.

Bela and I have been trying to play Jacks, but it is too hard still for her. So we switched to Pick up Sticks. 1, 2 buckle my shoe….. tree, four, shut the door …..5, 6, pick up sticks….. seven, eight, lay them straight, 9, 10, start again!