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Monthly Archives: July 2010

sorry for the absence of posts……

Trying to get things done…. Pray for us please! Things are just out of control!

Have a nice day!

Some random things to share…. SUPER COOL MASK DESIGNED BY BELA!!!! cool records we found  at Thrift store! Yummy tomatos we pick up at our garden! We love to eat fresh tomatos everyday!


The heat was unbearable this weekend! We had to have some yummy ice cream from Fosselman’s .

FALL 10 preview…..

…..and more too come! Sutcases from my dad and his Mom and Joe’s Grandpa. I just wished I was playing with the GIRLS! They had so much fun! Photos by: Matt Shodorf.

So exciting!

We were so happy that finally we got our first tomatos and strawberries! I have not tasted them yet because we have someone who really had   to have them first! For all of you gardeners out there….some of the leaves of the tomato plants have few holes, should I worry about that?