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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Easter Week giveaway!

Happy Easter everyone! We are giving away a ” Baker Skirt ” ( BELA’S FAVORITE ) and a Tee from Misha Lulu BAKERY collection. Just tell us what makes this week so special for you… …..and of course the size of your little girl (from 3 months to 8 years old) Miss Soul and company! […]

Elley Kishimoto.

I love her so much!

Bela’s Africa project.

Bela gets so much homework everyday, This one was a family project but we had to take lots of pictures to make sure that Bela did it….. and not her parents. She is in Kindergarten ( 5 years old) and already has to do so many great and fun assignments! Making a Diorama of the […]


Featured in the new Los Angeles Magazine. It is listed under the wrong store. This photo was taken at the super cool store Kumkuat in Eagle Rock.

Yoko Furusho

My friend Mava introduced me to this marvelous illustrator!