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Monthly Archives: December 2009


We are very thankful for all the gifts we received this year, We also love to give, even if it is a little thing….. it comes from our heart! Also wrapping is a therapeutic thing for me. These are some of the creative wrapping we did this year…. Some of these are cut paper bags […]

The Big Book of Christmas.

There are more images in this book I would like to share ….. To us these are the loveliest! Merry Christmas!


We are really blessed with all the gifts we receive during Christmas. I will be sharing them through the end of the year. Starting with this combo of outstanding presents…. Matroshkas by Muji you can draw on them. Rock crayons so cute, Bela loves them! and erasable crayons how cool. but the best gift of […]

More of my Christmas book…..

I love this book, I wish I had a better camara to show you how great the illustrations are by Dellwyn Cunningham from 1953.

Friends of Misha.

Gorgeous photos from Ivy! How fun!