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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Grandma Blanquita.

Grandma Blanquita is an awesome artist and she does our hand painted aprons. She is the one who introduce me to art when I was a child. I love my mom she is the best! My mami with Mariela at the ” Dia de los Farolitos” in my hometown Ahuachapan.

our models.

Thank you to our little friends who model for our website. They did an amazing job! Misha Lulu uses friends and family for all their photo-shoots.

new website.

Our new website is up! Finally! THANK YOU DOMINIK! These are some of the behind the sceenes photos Matt took of all of us. THANK YOU MATT! Also please do not try to go to our Suplus Store because it is under construction. OPENING SOON!

Mary Popins

Bela really loves Mary Popins, we found this really nice record with an attached book with gorgeous illustrations. Has anyone seen the play? we can’t wait until it comes to LA.

Mavis Kuo-Crary

My friend Mava is not only one of my best friends but She is a super talented artist! She designed the Spring 09 and the new Fall 09 Boys tees for Misha Lulu. I worked with her for a long time in my previous job and her designs are superb! Thank you Mava for such […]