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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Stella Neptune

This is my Mothers day dress I got from Joe and Bela. …I forgot to post about it before. I really love the ants on my dress. From Stella Neptune

Friends of Misha

This is Mikee from Whittier, soooo cute! I love your dress and your See Kai Run shoes! Thank you for such a a cool photo!


need these shoes.


Rubyellen from Cakies designed some marvelous pieces for our Magical collection. Inspired by retro circus performers, she created these lovely pieces available at her store upon request. Thank you again Ruby for a wonderful job! xxxxoooo …and we also use some other¬†Cakies head pieces from Bela’s collection.

my old paper dolls

These 2 dolls are part of a set of paper dolls my mom gave me when I was a child. I colored them. I really loved them because they represented different nationalities. I still have these 2.