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Monthly Archives: October 2008


We had a family planned vacation for a whole year. We are finally here.It is Gorgeous!  8 am. KAHUAI!!!!


I just want to mention how much I adore my country, the place where I was born! I remember El Salvador with so much love!!! These are some photos of our trip last year for the Holidays!  

Misha Lulu OPEN HOUSE at Bkids

We are so excited to be featured in Bloesem kids blog “Bkids” ! This is one of the best design blogs ever !        Please take a look  at the direct link! 

misha lulu dress in BABY COUTURE magazine!

I always prayed to have one of the Misha Lulu dresses on a full page of a Magazine.It hapenned !!!!!!  We are so excited to be featured in “Baby Couture“ latest issue!!! Page 54.This is the cover to show what issue and here the DRESS link! Page 54.  My Mom hand cut each doll for this dress.   


I wanted to share these pictures of Mariana and Jose Domingo.They are our cousins, Mariana lives in El Salvador and JD lives in Houston.They are both wearing Misha Tees. Soooo cute!I also would like to tell them HAPPY BIRTHDAY!XXXXOOO FROM MISHA LULU!!!!!