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Category Archives: family and friends

Please pray for my Kitty.

Our Capas has been sick for quite some time. She is very skinny and looks very ill. She doesn’t eat and She looks like She is in a lot of pain. We took her to the vet and they said she has something in her colon. The medicine did not make her go to the […]

paper village.

My Mom and Bela worked in these super cute paper village inspired by a book that belonged to my brother MCall’s Golden Do it book I helped ¬†with few final touches but not that much. They used cereal boxes and any box they could find, wrapping paper, construction paper, magazines, glue, buttons, trims and pom […]

Enjoy this Bela video!


We had a lovely Thanksgiving! I just want to say Thank you to all of you friends who visit our blog and for the ones who buy Misha Lulu for supporting us. We are so thankful this year, It has been a tough year but God always help us to go trough the hard times. […]

Nice date.

We had a family date a couple of weekends ago with our very special friends who just got a new house close to the beach. We had a great time! I really want this soap dispenser now!!!! It will look so cute in my sink ( I am ordering this after I finish this blog […]