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have a Fab day!!!!

Moomin moments…..

Lovely detail from my husband, he brought me a surprise gift the other day Moomin candies. He knows how much I love Moomin books he had to get this tin for me. He is the sweetest always keeping his girls spoiled! The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My. I got this book in London […]

Read and read….

Bela got this gorgeous book from our friend Mava! She loves it so much! THANK YOU MAVA! •••• See more of her reads here.

Things that made me happy this week!

Cookies from my hometown Ahuachapan brought by my mommy…yeaaaahhhh! I am so happy she is here! Bela’s new blue shoes, sent by my niece and nephew. Bela’s reading skills. She is reading: “Mind your manners, B.B WOLF” and  mahna mahna video Bela can’t stop listening to! have a Fabulous weekend!

Things Happening!

First of all, I am super excited that finally the Chilean miners are out and safe! Bela and I watched the beginning and the end of it. We were praying for everything to go perfect. Also We finally added some samples to the Surplus Store. We will keep adding few things here and there so […]