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Playing with Bela.

Bela and I have been trying to play Jacks, but it is too hard still for her. So we switched to Pick up Sticks. 1, 2 buckle my shoe….. tree, four, shut the door …..5, 6, pick up sticks….. seven, eight, lay them straight, 9, 10, start again!

Miller Goodman.

Great designed toys.


We are really blessed with all the gifts we receive during Christmas. I will be sharing them through the end of the year. Starting with this combo of outstanding presents…. Matroshkas by Muji you can draw on them. Rock crayons so cute, Bela loves them! and erasable crayons how cool. but the best gift of […]

Nice Toys

I love these wonderful toys from KID O. I really like the screen printed wooden Book. Also the Memory match game is really nice.


I always admire the great choice of creative and hand made toys I can find at MAHAR DRYGOODS. This store is exquisite! BELA goes crazy when I show her these toys!