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Have a nice day!

Some random things to share…. SUPER COOL MASK DESIGNED BY BELA!!!! cool records we found ¬†at Thrift store! Yummy tomatos we pick up at our garden! We love to eat fresh tomatos everyday!

my books and Bela’s books.

I gave Bela my childhood books, She loves them so much! I am excited she actually likes them …. and now that she is able to read them makes me very happy!

things Bela loves….

Bela is really into these toys and things right now, Grandma Blanquita cat, microbus (she wants us to own one) circus figurines, my little fisher price radio, butterfly metamorphosis, hello kitty mini doll, giddy giddy clip, globe pencil sharpener and vintage magazine and new Surplus update.


I was just thinking that I love my Pyrex. I need to get more….. I would like to see the Pyrex museum in WA someday.

Things I love

I love my shoes, even though I can’t buy any right now. I feel they are the accent of any outfit! These are some of my favorites! I got few years ago! Worn out but more comfy!