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Our newest obsession is Pina Baush. Wim Wenders  did a documentary about Pina and when the movie came out I wasn’t able to see it since we were busy with work. We just saw it this weekend and we were mesmerized.   If you don’t know about Pina, She was a German choreographer who passed […]


We went to see Hugo on New Years eve. It was such a beautiful movie, the costumes, the story, the colors are so amazing. It is a movie for older kids I would say because it is not fast and it is long. I love slow movies when they are great of course. I would […]

Coco Before Chanel.

Renee and I got to see a free screening of Coco Avant Chanel. The cinematography of this movie and her life is really inspiring for me. We had a great time and we saw our good friend Ruby. The movie will  be released here in the States on September 25th.

Mary Popins

Bela really loves Mary Popins, we found this really nice record with an attached book with gorgeous illustrations. Has anyone seen the play? we can’t wait until it comes to LA.

Happy Valentines day! xxxxxooooooo

One of my favorite LOVE films of all time! click here “un Homme et Une Femme”