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Matt our great friend and Misha Lulu photographer asked me to take some photos for a personal project, I said ME?????? I really fear photos of me, but Matt is so good I could not refused!

Birthday gifts and more!

I wanted to share my birthday gifts, I feel as if I had a Little Red Ridding hood theme. I love them so much !!!!!  from Gisela, Ruby and Mava. Girls Thank you for the well thought original gifts you gave me ! •••••   On another exciting note… I am so honored to be […]


I love this Hansel and Gretel cake created by my  mom and my dress matching the cake. Also this one! She called me this morning at 6 am and sang to me, how sweet!



Yummy Figs!

Excited I got some yummy figs from our tree! Have a GREAT FRIDAY!