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Category Archives: hand made

Dominik Woods.

I am so excited to share about my friend Dominik  beautiful cutting boards. Dominik woods are handcrafted individually. They are made of selected pieces of walnut  and maple hand-sanded to a smooth finish. When completed each board is treated with a blend of beeswax and food-safe mineral oil. These cutting boards are just art pieces! You […]

paper village.

My Mom and Bela worked in these super cute paper village inspired by a book that belonged to my brother MCall’s Golden Do it book I helped  with few final touches but not that much. They used cereal boxes and any box they could find, wrapping paper, construction paper, magazines, glue, buttons, trims and pom […]

Sewing with the girlscouts.

I was asked by Bela’s troop to have a sewing class. I am not the best teacher ….. They have never sewn before and I did not want to give them something like straight stitches because I thought they would get bored. Some of their moms came to help, thank God and They were able […]

Miss Bela.

Miss Bela, made this beautiful bracelet at Girls Scouts for me out of a finished tape roll. I am so proud of her craft! She is always making beautiful drawings and things for me and I just love that about her. Image of the bracelet before it was finished. Bela is sporting her favorite overalls […]

Grandma Chol shrugs on SALE!!!!!

Beautiful hand made crocheted shrugs are now available at our Surplus store and  on SALE !!!! Gisela fashionista extraordinaire thank you for modeling these comfy piece!