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Kico Kids.

I have been in love with Kico Kids for few years. Tia Cibani is a genius, I just adore her sensibilities as a designer.   Some  images from her Fall Collection.


Please enter…

A Collaboration…..

We are so honored to announce that we are doing a collaboration with Sanrio for Fall 11. It was a great surprise when we got contacted by Sanrio to create a collection with Hello Kitty. I have been a  fan since I was growing up and Bela is a lover of HK too. I feel […]

website coming sooooooon!

    Photos by Matt Schodorf.

Dreaming of shoes.

I have been working day and night ! I am sorry I have not updated for a couple of days. While I have been stressing I have been dreaming of shoes I can’t afford. From here , here , here and here.